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…if there is PvP involved!

So there I was half asleep (like always) trying to catch a Surely You’re Joking lowsec ganker with another AHARM member.

He managed to slip through on his way back to w-space which made me very angry cause I really wanted to shoot something…anything…

I remembered the C3 back up the chain with a bunch of anoms in it, and immediately sent my alt on her way to check for activity.

Running d-scan not only showed the bunch of delicious anoms but also some wrecks.

Wait, what, wrecks?

Oh no!

Further investigation with my alt showed 2 Tengus and a Maelstrom, with fighters attached, crushing through the beloved anoms.

I decided to call in THE SQUAD of TERROR to crush the foes who dared to ransack the beloved anoms! How dare they!

We revenged the sleepers by hotdropping a fearless HIC pilot, closely followed by THE SQUAD of TERROR, right on top of them and facepunched them back to from whence they came.

Killboard Report


September 29, 2012 – by pretorian two
prepared for publication by Cerulean Fire