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Earlier today, Feday and Morb were out scanning for general purpose and PvP possibilities. They scanned down 3 systems into a class 5, and Feday sees a lot of ships on scan: Hulks, Brutix, a Rorqual, and other random hulls. Sneaky as he could be, Feday finds a group of ships away from the POS, discovers that they are mining, and gets a lock on a Hulk. Morbius is patiently standing by while Feday warps to and tackles the Hulk. After pointing the Hulk, Feday fires up his propulsion mod and starts ramming the Rorqual while going to town and popping the Hulk. Feday changes his point to the Rorqual and pops the Hulk pilot’s pod, as well.

All the while, Morb is heading back to get other people because there was no way Feday was going to take down a capital with just a Tengu. I want to stress that without Morbius we would not have gotten this kill! He grabbed me, Robert, and Victor, and fleet warped us to each hole.

We warp in and just start pounding the hell out of the Rorqual. We figure that he must have run out of cap boosters because we didn’t see him boost once after Victor landed and started neuting…fail on his part. The Rorqual went down in about 3-5 mins, and the pod warped off instantly via ctl Q, we think. A few mins later, Feday saw a pod on scan near the belt where we killed the guys, and he proceeded to scan it down. Sure enough, the Rorqual pilot is sitting in his pod off grid, so Feday does what he does best and pops the pod.

That should make up for any losses we have had on the killboards lately, besides, how many Rorqual kills do you see in WHs? 🙂 All in all good kills and a good day.

Again thanks to Morb for all your work man, could not have done it without you, and I am sorry you couldn’t make it onto the kill mails, but without you the kills wouldn’t have happened, period.

Killboard Battle Report


May 5, 2010 – by Aisim
prepared for publication by Cerulean Fire