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So two of us were chilling out today, neither of us having work. We were watching Aliens: Origin on Netflix. It’s awful, don’t ever watch it. Anyway, our phones go off telling us that there are hostiles in Nova.


We get on comms and Sonic tells us that he was challenged to a 2v2 (including an expressly agreed upon stipulation of no ECM) by some dudes in Nova. He had scouted the chain, and the situation looked on the up-and-up, so he and Sakic got into Lokis, but then changed into Proteuses. The two bros offering the duel said they had to reship.

Sonic sends Billy to do a headcount and lo and behold, 2 Drakes, a Hurricane, 2 Guardians, a Sacrilege, a Scimitar, a Falcon, and a Rook (the Rook being one of the original duel challengers) are lurking down the chain. Sakic and Sonic bail, not being baddies, and Sonic informs the dishonorable dogs that they will soon be evicted (this will be dealt with!)


Nonetheless, they land their gang on the C5/Nova and sit there, as though expecting Sonic and Sakic to take the bait. In the meantime, however, we’ve formed a gang of about 10 people and are waiting in our towers. With a cry of “HONOURRRRRRR,” Sonic warped his Archon, M.D. triage carrier to the C5. We land and jump through. The bubble goes up, and I start calling targets. The Falcon and Rook go down pretty hard (also note the pure Minmatar jammers, completely shattering any straws for them to grasp with regard to their intent in the “duel”). A bunch of them scatter but points and webs were spread decently, and we managed to get a good batch of kills. Their logi was out at around 50km and bailed in terror of our facemelting DPS. In total, we scored 5 kills and sent them running.


As it turns out, pyshc and I were just making fun of them this morning for a terrible promo video, and discussing how much we wanted to kill them.


Regardless, excellent response time to everyone involved, sorry to psycher for being jammed the entire fight by the Falcon/Rook and we’ll be seeing the folks from The Imperial Senate real soon.



September 19, 2012
prepared for publication by Cerulean Fire