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Monthly Archives: October 2012

So there I am playing Tanks with two other AHARM members and my new roommate (we’re pretty good.)  Anyway, we see a call on Skype for pilots to log in to gank a cap in a site next door.  We log in…and start patching.

This is me IRL patching my client and trying to get online.  Meanwhile, we listen in on comms as the fleet gets big and lands on the hostile Moros belonging to Friends of Honor (member of COVEN).  Sounds like he’s dropping fast and now the only thing left appears to be picking up the killmai-he disappeared?

Turns out this kid has logged off before we were able to aggress him and he vanishes from space with about 10% armour remaining.  We check his info and realize that these guys have logged caps on us on two other occasions.  I make a (half joking) remark about these guys buying themselves an eviction and make a mental note to talk to corp about the possibility, what with it being midweek and all.

…but I forgot that Robert was present.  Everything is bigger in Texas, including heroically impetuous decisions.  Our GLORIOUS LEADER, with the wrathful voice of those with almighty power called out “GET ME THE EVICTION ORCA.”  With that, we tweeted for more people, and lo, people logged in and we shoehorned an Archon, a Nag, the Orca, and a respectable subcap fleet to meet up with the Moros and T3/Guardian gang in the target system.

As we anchored our staging tower, we took note of the situation.  FOH had 2 Revelations, a Moros, a Thanatos and an Archon along with two Orcas at their Minmatar Large.  They never, however, attempted anything except to load up a few industrials and log them out.

We then reinforced a Caldari Small and took a closer look at the defences on the Large.  We saw that there were more than half a dozen large autocannons, two neuts, a few webs and points, a respectable number of medium guns and a bunch of jammers.  At this point I was quite nervous.  We didn’t know how many people FOH was able ping and scramble, given that the corp was ~60 people.  If they rolled two or three dreads to the edge of their shields and then got good with their gunning, they could easily put our dreads in danger.  So I spoke up and advised that we should wait it out until we were able to reinforce.  Sonic agreed with me, adding that I was incredibly handsome and that he loved me – which had nothing to do with the situation at hand but was nice to hear regardless.  So Robert reined in his insatiable rage and we instead reinforced the Caldari Small and starting cycling holes from Nova.  At this point I left for work.

~Cue Musical Interlude~

Muscial Interlude

~End Musical Interlude~

I came back from work and it turned out that we had moved three additional dreads into system. Now we’re talking! Hostile numbers had also dropped down to only 2.

Intelligence reported that enemy fire would be random and light, and it was…at first.

There were 4 groups of guns on the tower and our dreads landed at the first, then the second, and incapped them all. Then the call was made to engage the tower directly while our subcaps continued to work on the mods. Almost immediately all fire on the tower switched to Tal’s carrier (possibly because he’d lost a scanning ship to it earlier and it remembered his scent…) while our our 2 Guardians reported regular jams landing on them.

At this point, a mistake was made. It may have been a case of “too many cooks” or a miscommunication about the amount of damage and jams incoming, but the carrier and dreads stayed at one side of the tower and the subcaps (now with 3 Guardians) landed on the opposite side of the POS to knock out the remaining jammers and the warp disruption batteries. This time the jams were focused very well on all of our Guardians and the carrier was too far out of range to provide reps. A Proteus came under fire from the remaining guns and began to take a lot of damage. As fate would have it, just as our fourth Guardian landed, and just as the tower was moments away from being reinforced, and just as the only point holding him was about to be incapped, the semi-glass cannon Proteus went down. We were sad.

In the words of the late (and pretend) Captain Deladier Rake, “Somebody made a big goddamn mistake!”

Regardless of our losses, the tower was reinforced, the static was crit and bubbled, and we had noted the reinforcement timers.

And then we realized we had a problem. It was Tuesday night (US TZ), and the Russian prime time was rapidly approaching. We still didn’t know how many people were in this hole and if these Romanians were able to close their static, they could either evac all their assets or bring in a huge fleet completely unbeknownst to us (5 dreads is a tempting prize for anyone, especially without the risk of hotdrop). So how were we supposed to maintain hole control throughout the night until our Euros log in after work?


AHARM House exists at a classified location in Canada. It is full of top secret beer, hockey, and Big Gulp cups of pop, and also of Siri, pshycer, and myself. We committed to camping the target system for as long as it took for our Euros to log in and relieve us.


We took over as our spacefriends logged off. A few promised us they would be back on after downtime. The only company we had was Harry (who is an honourary member of AHARM House for his sacrifices in this op). We split cov-ops eyes around the system and had probes out to ensure that nothing snuck out. Despite threats earlier to follow us around system in a tower, the locals began to self destruct their ships. They started with the industrials, Noctises and Itty 5’s, and then moved on to their better PvP ships.

[ 2012.10.17 12:51:43 ] AHARM > NOT THE MERLIN
[ 2012.10.17 12:51:44 ] AHARM1 > DONT DO IT
[ 2012.10.17 12:51:49 ] AHARM1 > THAT SHIP IS SO GOOD
[ 2012.10.17 12:51:53 ] AHARM1 > 2X MEDIUM ASB
[ 2012.10.17 12:51:57 ] AHARM1 > YOU SICK BASTARDS
[ 2012.10.17 12:52:02 ] AHARM1 > NO
[ 2012.10.17 12:52:03 ] Greuceanu > : ) 0
[ 2012.10.17 12:52:04 ] AHARM1 > CANCEL NOW
[ 2012.10.17 12:52:11 ] AHARM1 > no honoUre

We continued to try to negotiate for the release of some of these ships, but to no avail. They blew them up one by one, including a gas mining Megathron. I then attempted to open diplomatic relations with them but my demeanor was apparently not gentle enough for their special snowflake souls.

[ 2012.10.17 12:53:01 ] Greuceanu > stop sceaming .. u scare me
[ 2012.10.17 12:53:10 ] AHARM1 > i’m intimidating
[ 2012.10.17 12:53:12 ] AHARM1 > irl
[ 2012.10.17 12:53:16 ] AHARM1 > i bench 400
[ 2012.10.17 12:53:18 ] AHARM1 > with my glutes
[ 2012.10.17 12:53:22 ] AHARM1 > shit is so cash

They just wouldn’t stop SD’ing ships. As we continued into the night, a Thanatos piloted by Zil warped out of the POS to a planet. We ran a quick probe for him but were unable to nab him before he logged out. We anchored a bubble at his location and continued to enforce hole control.

At one point, psyhcer left the system to go and try to kill a Drake down the chain. Instead, he got the Noctis that showed up to salvage. As a veteran spite camper, he waited til the guy had salvaged ALL OF THE LOOT before pouncing. The best part, as you may have noticed, was that this kid had 3 stabs – meaning he could have warped out anytime he wanted. Returning from this C3, pshycer called out that a Tengu was sitting on the C5/C3. He tackles it and I left my Tanks match (abandoning what could have been a very good game) to go join him…again through a crit hole. As I was in warp, a Blackbird landed and jammed pshycer out, allowing the Tengu to escape. The BB went down and we returned to the target system, satiated after killing carebears and ECM ships. We then took back up our positions on the camp and busied ourselves by watching Band of Brothers and Archer.

The night progressed slowly, with pshycer and I drifting off to bed about an hour apart (1400 and 1500 EVE respectively). A few people logged into Nova and started trying to collapse in but struck out (this was the theme of almost all our chain collapsing that week trying to get a route into the target system).

Siri, however, stayed online. In total, he camped that wormhole for about 23 HOURS STRAIGHT (the first 6 hours were our setting up in and reinforcing the system). While he was alone, the dudes next door (presumably mad that we had killed them carebearing a bit earlier, jumped a 100mn AB Osprey into the target system, closing the hole. Siri was able to dispatch this threat quickly and without incident. He then realized this meant that there was a new static and batphoned for Tal to quickly scan it down. They sat a Devoter on the hole until a new bubble could be anchored.

Harry continued to come and go as he was able to and finally, Siri was relieved at around 2000 EVE by Robert.


This night took on a much more somber tone, despite being joined by a few reinforcements from Nova, including my good spacebro pierre.

We had just finished caging their POS, but they had enough energy to try to escape. One of their pilots got into a Sleipnir and began to creep toward the edge of the POS shields. He emerged and started gunning down one of our bubbles. We had a Proteus on him immediately. He retreated to the edge of the shields but continued to poke every now and again. A few of us positioned ourselves to get as close as we could to him the next time he tried. When he did, we all pounced. The Sleipnir dropped to about 10% structure before just barely crossing the shields and dropping our locks. He tried one more time (15 minutes later when he’d repped up his armour and structure) and this time Harry joined in with a fantastic bump. Again, however, the Sleipnir barely got into the cover of his shields before we were able to kill him.

This near-death experience appeared to be the last straw for Friends of Honor and when 3 other members logged in, they began to SD their ships once again, even killing their own Revelation. At this point, all negotiations and diplomatic channels were closed and we began to berate them mercilessly.

[ 2012.10.18 09:18:20 ] Manono > you know what is the big difference between us ?
[ 2012.10.18 09:18:41 ] AHARM2 > we kill ships rather than selfdestructing them?
[ 2012.10.18 09:18:50 ] AHARM1 > i’m better looking?
[ 2012.10.18 09:19:34 ] Manono > all toons here are alts
[ 2012.10.18 09:19:44 ] AHARM1 > half the characters here are alts too
[ 2012.10.18 09:19:47 ] Manono > i dont give a fuck if i dont log it for 2 months
[ 2012.10.18 09:20:06 ] AHARM1 > i dont give a fuck if you dont log in for 2 months either
[ 2012.10.18 09:20:07 ] AHARM1 > actually
[ 2012.10.18 09:20:09 ] AHARM1 > scratch that
[ 2012.10.18 09:20:13 ] AHARM1 > i prefer it that way
[ 2012.10.18 09:20:27 ] AHARM1 > could you do it now an get a jump on it?

Harsh, perhaps, but I have no tolerance for people SDing ships and logging out. They easily could have brought us a fight when we first entered system or when we were anchoring our tower. They talked tough the first night about bringing the fight and said that the cavalry was coming. Now they had realized it was too late, that nobody was coming to save them and they chose to take this way out. If I thought I was mad then…

[ 2012.10.18 13:05:04 ] MeeMeeMee > muieeeeeeeeeeee
[ 2012.10.18 13:05:46 ] Calsberg > U can clear up your bubles now
[ 2012.10.18 13:06:02 ] MeeMeeMee > yes
[ 2012.10.18 13:06:05 ] MeeMeeMee > and shoot a pos
[ 2012.10.18 13:08:48 ] MeeMeeMee > muie cu cacat (roughly translated, fuck your relatives)
[ 2012.10.18 13:14:32 ] Calsberg > Have U expected that?

4 hours later, four pilots logged in. An Archon, two Orcas and a Damnation landed in the POS, immediately accelerated in different directions at 10km/s+, and cloaked as soon as the exited the shields. They had reset the password on the tower and bounced themselves clear of our bubble, then cloaked up and relied upon their momentum to carry them free of the contain. We landed all our subcaps on the tower (being previously on the WH) and spread out, dumping drones. Given that they had, however, all bounced in different directions, we had a hard time giving any solid vectors and the sheer volume of 6 T2 bubbles meant that there was no way for us to decloak them barring a stroke of pure luck. At one point the Damnation decloaked 80km below their tower, and I managed to lock him and get a gun on him before he warped. We bounced to the planet he looked to be heading to but were unable to land before he cloaked up.

I was pretty mad.

This was the end of all resistance in the target system, barring local smack. When we expressed our disgust for the tactics they had just used, they came back with the most predictable of responses…

[ 2012.10.18 13:22:04 ] Manono > game mechanics
[ 2012.10.18 13:22:11 ] Manono > blame ccp for that
[ 2012.10.18 13:22:30 ] AHARM1 > doesn’t mean we have to like them or allow people to abuse themn
[ 2012.10.18 13:22:57 ] AHARM1 > game mechanics allow us to siege your pos and cycle holes looking for your new one v0v
[ 2012.10.18 13:23:10 ] AHARM1 > bring a fight next time and maybe we
[ 2012.10.18 13:23:15 ] AHARM1 > ‘we’ll be saying gf
[ 2012.10.18 13:23:19 ] AHARM1 > instead of this
[ 2012.10.18 13:25:11 ] Manono > maybe next time m8
[ 2012.10.18 13:25:20 ] AHARM1 > maybe
[ 2012.10.18 13:25:29 ] AHARM1 > til then we’ll be watching for you
[ 2012.10.18 13:25:37 ] AHARM1 > i’ll believe it when i see it though
[ 2012.10.18 13:27:04 ] Manono > dont worry you will
[ 2012.10.18 13:27:17 ] AHARM1 > you’ve logged on us like 3 times before
[ 2012.10.18 13:27:26 ] AHARM1 > what makes next time special?
[ 2012.10.18 13:27:54 ] Manono > wont be a next time
[ 2012.10.18 13:27:58 ] AHARM1 > cool
[ 2012.10.18 13:28:03 ] Manono > we are leaving [for] k space
[ 2012.10.18 13:28:31 ] AHARM1 > oh, moving into w-space permanently?
[ 2012.10.18 13:28:46 ] Manono > yes moving out
[ 2012.10.18 13:29:00 ] AHARM1 > well, i’d love to say we’ll miss you
[ 2012.10.18 13:29:01 ] Manono > chatching officers is more profitable
[ 2012.10.18 13:29:05 ] AHARM1 > but we won’t
[ 2012.10.18 13:29:08 ] AHARM1 > hahahahah
[ 2012.10.18 13:29:10 ] AHARM1 > ahahahaha’
[ 2012.10.18 13:29:12 ] AHARM1 > hahah’
[ 2012.10.18 13:29:13 ] AHARM1 > ha
[ 2012.10.18 13:29:14 ] Manono > 😛
[ 2012.10.18 13:29:16 ] AHARM1 > ok
[ 2012.10.18 13:30:16 ] Manono > me made 1 titan already from this hole

Well, you heard it here first guys, we’re doing it wrong. Catching officer is more profitable than C6 capital escalations. Pack it in and shut down Nova, we’d best join a pet train and beg for space somewhere.

Shortly after this, the first small tower came out of reinforced. Robert and I one-cycled it in a pair of dreads and AHARM House went to bed, leaving the relief forces to hold down the fort. We woke back up for the main tower a few hours later. Speaking for myself (and likely for pshycer, Siri and Harry), we were glad to see the end of the damn thing.

All in all, the loot from the eviction wasn’t great but it was never expected to be. This wasn’t about loot, it was about the principal that AHARM does not approve or forgive the logging of capitals under fire nor of carebearing in WH space without the spine to protect your turf. These guys have earned a personal KOS anywhere in WH space from me, and I’ll be only too glad to see them kicked back to k-space where this sort of shit flies.

In summary, thanks to everyone who logged in to make this thing a success. In particular, Siri, psyhcer and Harry who pulled some long hours midweek to minimize the possibilities of our targets escaping. Thanks to Zara, pierre, and everyone else who chain collapsed from Nova, even if we didn’t get lucky enough to connect with the target system this time around. Thanks also go to everyone who helped with the probing and logistics. It’s often under-appreciated, but actually the most important part of the op.

And, as always, enjoy some Taylor…


October 16-18, 2012
prepared for publication by Cerulean Fire