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Monthly Archives: August 2009

I was tooting around Erila still bloodthirsty after we slaughtered a Drake earlier, and I ran into some chatter from the locals. A quick background check revealed mixed corporations and backgrounds. After some provoking, I managed to get a Drake to warp in on me. Quickly engaging, I call in for backup, but before I realize it I’ve got an entire fleet warping in on top of my Wolf. Quickly calling off the reinforcements, I warp my pod to safety.

After making it back to our home WH, I call a fleet together and pass leadership to Ace. In total we have a Guardian, Domi, Claymore, Taranis, Falcon, Apoc, and Malaurus watching in a cov ops. We send in the Dominix as bait on the gate to the system where one of the hostile pilots is currently in space, throw out some sentry drones, and wait. I see a Falcon jump in and warp off toward the sun, then a Raven jumps.

I played a little musical warps with the Raven, then warped to the gate and dropped some Ogres. The Raven warped in, we locked each other, then he flew head-first into me. Following directions, I began to lead him off the gate. Soon after, his buddies warped in, and I had over half a dozen ships attacking the Dominix.

Now that the trap was sprung, our fleet jumped in through the wormhole and warped into the action. The Guardian was the first ship on scene, and was quickly set as the primary target. Unfortunately for our hostile gang, the combination of energy transfers and remote repping from the two ships stopped both their energy neutralizers and guns from doing any damage. Once the rest of our fleet jumped in it was game over, and we took down the Prophecy and locked down the Domi while his friends abandoned him. The Domi wormed his way to the gate, jumping to his inevitable doom with Concord.

After a few minutes on the gate, we were just about ready to pull out, but kept disruptors ready in case they tried to escape through it. Ace was in the middle of telling the fleet to warp back to the WH to head home when one of the Ravens jumped back in, and as the fleet engaged, the gate continued to activate. By the time I arrived, we had a Falcon, Geddon, and two Ravens at the gate (probably more… I don’t remember). I quickly launched my sentries and began firing at the called targets. First up was the Raven, who went down promptly. After that we got a quick point on the Geddon, who henceforth fell to his doom. The rest didn’t want to come back to play, and after a few minutes waiting for further retaliation while we scooped up and salvaged, we warped home.

Really need a big shout out to Malaurus; without his eyes and ears we would not have been able to keep an eye on their movements. Great scouting! Great response and great teamwork. Aside from the lone wolf, we suffered no losses with the fleet.


August 2, 2009, by Kjtheeskimo
prepared for publication by Cerulean Fire

Captain’s Log – Stardate ###### 14:11
We have encountered a small gang of neutrals unanchoring the mods around a large control tower in a class 4 wormhole 2 jumps from our home WH. Our cloaked recon reports that they are unaware of our presence close by and are at low alert. We have planned to steal the POS at 15:00 hours, the time when they should start to unanchor the tower itself. There does not appear to be any notable defence in ships or weapon batteries in the surrounding area, so resistance should be light if any at all.

Captain’s Log – Stardate ###### 15:00
The word has been given: the POS shield is down and we are in warp to its location. Scouts report that there is no one there to defend it. Scans show an interceptor and a frigate in the system but nothing at the POS itself. They had started to erect two medium sized disruption bubbles on the wormhole into the system to slow our approach, but we made short work of them. We are dropping out of warp, BATTLE STATIONS!

Captain’s Log – Stardate ###### 15:10
With no resistance, we arrived and destroyed a few unmanned haulers and shuttles, but at the moment all is quiet. We could just sit here for the 50 minutes the engineers say it will take to unanchor the station. The tower is a large type II Minmatar, an older design but still highly sought after at market.

Captain’s Log – Stardate ###### 15:17
Scouts report a second station in this system and that the owners of the ‘acquired’ POS have formed a small gang of battleships and logistics support. It looks like they want to fight for the tower after all. There are still forty minutes left to remove the station from its orbit, so I am ordering the fleet back to our home WH to change ships from the light skirmish force we have at the moment to ships more rugged for what seems like a good fight.

Captain’s Log – Stardate ###### 15:55
We have returned to the unanchoring POS in bigger, more formidable ships. Scouts report that the others in system only have half what we initially thought, and it would be an error in their judgement to attack us with what they have available. We sit and wait as the last ten minutes on the timer tick by.

Captain’s Log – Stardate ###### 16:05
The attack was short and effective. We just left the system with everything they had at the destination, POS included. They put up a light resistance, but fell quickly and with no losses for ourselves. A few small ships also report that some of the ‘opposition’ took the fast track back to empire to wake up in a clone vat. A 100% successful operation.


August 26, 2009 – by Ace Secunda
prepared for publication by Cerulean Fire